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We all want to provide nutritional meals for our loved ones. Feeding our kids healthy meals, while balancing careers, family and friends without having to be in the kitchen for hours seemed impossible. We dreamed of a one stop product that kids would love with the nutritional value they need…all in one jar…why was this so hard? Because it didn't exist before. We also wanted something that would fit in the Health and Wellness market. It’s a given that athletes need to eat healthy. Callie lives and breathes that healthy culture so we wanted something that would fit into an athlete’s diet with ease and nutrition. 

That is when Elissa and Callie came up with the idea to create a protein rich delicious and nutritious sauce. We didn't want to take away meals the kids loved, but rather enrich them with what they needed and what we also felt good about putting in our own bodies.  

We tried out a few recipes, but they were missing that "something" We had health and fitness maven, Callie, and our marketer, Elissa, trying to invent a very special recipe without the special touch of a professional culinarian. Bring on Chef Stephen!

It was the perfect trifecta of talent and we can’t wait to share this with you and your family! 

A Little Bit About Our Team

Penne is our mascot and brings awareness to the market and educates those looking for healthy alternatives to the meals we love! Penne is a budding new celebrity, open to book deals, private and sporting events as well as TV appearances.