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Our Story

One night, Elissa found herself in a situation so many people do, wondering what to make for dinner! She texted Callie, told her that she only had pasta to make for her family. Since Callie was a fitness model, she would often give Elissa protein powder. Callie jokingly said, "just throw some protein powder on it!"

The next morning, Callie realized just how great of an idea that was. As a sports and fitness influencer & model, she understood the importance of eating well, but she hated cooking and was always short on time. One of the staple meals she always made was pasta sauce, ground beef and quinoa pasta. So, Callie thought what if the protein was already in the pasta sauce and then all you had to add was the pasta and boom dinner is served?! 

She told Elissa the idea and they both agreed this is something the whole world needed. Strong Sauce was born! 

They crossed paths with Chef Stephen, who upon hearing the idea was just as enthusiastic as they were about helping everyone eat better, faster! He started batching out recipes of the vision that Callie & Elissa had for the sauce being high-protein, plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sugar etc. Basically, creating a jar that almost everyone not only could eat but SHOULD eat! Very few people actually eat enough protein every day & Strong Sauce could help fix that! 

We knew we had the “right” recipe when kids were asking for seconds. They didn’t care about how healthy and strong our sauce was, they only cared about how it tasted! That very recipe is the one you taste in our Strong Sauce jars today.  We're so excited to be able to share it with you and your families because we believe that one jar at a time, we can all become STRONGER TOGETHER! 

Eat Strong - 

Callie, Elissa, Stephen 

It was the perfect trifecta of talent, and we can’t wait to share this with you and your family! 

A Little Bit About Our Team

Penne is our mascot and brings awareness to the market and educates those looking for healthy alternatives to the meals we love! Penne is a budding new celebrity, open to book deals, private and sporting events as well as TV appearances.